Gay adolescent Son asking if he is able to possess a sleepover along with his pal.

Gay adolescent Son asking if he is able to possess a sleepover along with his pal.

I don’t believe you’d also look at it so I would also say no if they were male/ female and straight. I recognize precisely why you think uneasy whether you think he fancies the guy or not as it does feel mean not to allow him sleepovers (and now you’re in the tricky situation of approving sleepovers based on )

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@Rhymerocket. That’s the reason I am extremely unsettled it to be so inappropriate by it, and think. I might check always aided by the men some other father and mother to check out as I have done with my younger sons friends parents when he has had sleepovers if it was o.k.

If my kid expected me personally it would be a definate no, but I don’t know that that’s what he wants for sure if he could have his friend over to do ‘stuff’ in the privacy of his room. Perhaps i am naive in the intense as the ex indicates. I’ve found it very difficult to think about my own kid by doing so, absolutely nothing to carry out it would make no difference either way with him liking boys instead of girls. I guess I have a difficult time with him a little kid.

Well i kinda agree with your very own DH, but also becasue for the period of them id say rooms that are separate or man. Possibly invite the lad for the repast you accept the situation and the room situation of because of age so he feels welcome and your son knows.

It should be tough you won’t want to say he fancies every son simply because he is gay but you should not overlook it as you do not want him having 15 year old guy friend s keeping either merely check with him

No mother or father would like to think of kids stuff that is doing realize they are doing and that I understand there are progressive moms and dads that don’t mind but I am just like you and don’t like to consider 15yr previous dds with young men

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts everyone, these are generally much valued. And also they reaffirm my own own applying for grants this, particularly after I have expressed to my own sons Father once again.

I have asked him if he or she knows for certain if your lad at issue certainly our sons boyfriend that is actual. They said that he or she is that he knows with 100% certainty! He knows, he informed me that our son told him, although he also said that he didn’t need to be told because it was so obvious when I asked how. I asked exactly how thus, so he responded. “themselves language!” By all reports when they are at his Dads they. I quote my ex. “They hang away each other, maintain hands, hug, or maybe kiss if they think not one person is enjoying them, but they’ren’t that frustrated if I see all of them. ” Makes me personally grateful that he must always share a place along with his cousin as he is his Dads if I’m honest.

It’s tough taking this all in, but I am pleased that my own kid has a person, and in addition in front of without being judged that he has a Dad that he feels he can express himself.

Within a strictly self-centered mention. Now I am disappointed that he seems he or she cannot act just as around myself, his or her mommy. This lad has been doing our home many times, he could be a kid that is nice but up until recently I will not have considered him any dissimilar to my sons different buddies. There’s been no “body language” me, and I only suspected something when I overheard something between two of my boys female friends between them around.

Very don’t just will he assume that he or she has to change the whole way he acts when he is in his own home that he cannot tell me he has a boyfriend, he also feels. I’ve expected his pop never to consult with him or her about this right now. I feel that it can be time and energy to attempt tougher to touch base with him me personally relating to this ideas.