– He said, however, that his forces on the Golan Heights are in the highest state of combat readiness since noticed a “dangerous Iranian activity” in Syria.

joint club of the Coalition of Civic »He estimated that the Coalition Civic – created before the local elections by the PO and modern, which proceeded too initiative Poland -” absorbed their children, whether their junior partners, the younger partner. “” This is what we propose, this is a broad formula “- he added Petru explaining that to the common block is created, but it forming groups behave ± individuality. “This must be the preservation of identity, differences of opinion, and not by dictate,” – said the leader of “Now!”. Petru and Scheuring in the mid-Wielgus announced the formation of a new party – Now !. Last week, Petru said that if the elections to the European Parliament is not tied to a broad coalition, also with the PSL and SLD his party will take part in them yourself. He estimated then that the Civic Coalition PO and Modern was not broad coalition, and therefore has not worked in the local elections. Text of Riccardi, founder of the Community of St. Egidio of Rome, the portal has published the newspaper “La Stampa”, Vatican Insider. Andreotti, who was prime minister of Italy seven times and several times minister of defense and foreign affairs, the Vatican warned a year before the attack on the Polish pope May 13, 1981, made by the Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca. John Paul II was seriously wounded in it.

See also: 36 anniversary of the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II »Italian historian said that Giulio Andreotti in a letter to the Secretariat of State of the Holy See stressed that the Pope is in danger, he wrote:” We need specialized protection, ready to react. ” The head of government stressed then that the popularity of the Polish pope “can not but irritate many international environments.” Riccardi he recalled that at the same time, French intelligence chief Alexandre de Marenches informed the Vatican about the risk to John Paul II. “These appeals have not found the caller in the Vatican” – said the Prime Minister. He noted that the body of the military police counted 80 people, almost half less than 10 years earlier. With a regulation signed by Mariusz Błaszczak that the newly appointed attorney for the creation of defense forces cyberspace has to present a mid-year “for approval” by the defense minister concept of organization and functioning of defense forces cyberspace. This document defines the attributes that have to include the concept. It has “taken into account in particular: the nature of the legal structure and principles of operation, the directory capabilities required, the rules of interaction with different types of the Armed Forces, the need for change in this area, forming the schedule and achieve operational readiness of the defense forces of cyberspace and the financial consequences of the proposed solutions.” The regulation has also been confirmed publicly announced on January 5, the decision appointing defense minister plenipotentiary to the position. Create a cyberspace defense forces, Colonel Charles Molenda (a cybersecurity specialist, previously serving in the Military Counterintelligence Service) .See also: “We will sign a contract with the US government” . 20 launchers HIMARS for the Polish army for 414 million US dollars »deputy: On Wednesday, the contract for the purchase of sets of rocket artillery from the US” According to the decree, Colonel Molenda, as agent also has to coordinate activities leading to form the Inspectorate of the Defense Forces Cyberspace, on the basis of operating Operations Center Cybernetic . In addition to the tasks of the proxy should be “to analyze the formal and legal regulations and organizational Ministry of National Defense in the area of ​​cyber security, in order to determine the necessary changes related to the recognition of cyberspace as the domain of operational activities, including the tasks of the Minister of National Defense under the law.” And also “coordinating projects relating to the creation of cyberspace defense forces and supervising the proper execution of tasks related to the achievement of the military defense of cyberspace operational readiness.” Attorney work is to finance the National Center for Cryptology.

It also aims to provide a proxy service organization. The regulation also obliges MOD chiefs and heads of organizational units of the Ministry of Defense to provide “the use of the properties necessary assistance,” the attorney in the tasks at his request. Minister for Law and Justice deputy on January 5 at the conference “ – Integration and development of the system cybersecurity Ministry of National Defense” presented information on the construction of the Defense Forces Cyberspace. He announced then that the army of cyberspace will be a new structure in the Polish Army. “This structure will be a combination of the National Center for Cryptology and Computer Science Inspectorate. To this structure functioned well are always key people, all those who will form the Defense Forces Cyberspace” – said Błaszczak. The minister also stressed that the establishment of the Defense Forces Cyberspace is the realization of the guidelines of NATO. “We are in solidarity against the allies (…), and safety is one of our priorities,” – he assured. As the media have highlighted, Nunez Garcia is one of the most sought after in recent times in Europe offenders among drug traffickers.

40-year-old Spaniard was captured during an attempt to get on the plane with forged documents. The biggest concerns presented by the officers raised his Peruvian passport control. Nunez Garcia, known in the underworld as “Nano” by Porto tried to get to Casablanca. According to the newspaper “Jornal de Noticias,” the Spaniard over the years led an international drug cartel associated with the countries of South America. Captured by Spanish police in the past had a mafioso serve a sentence 12 years in prison, but escaped before it begins. “After his escape Nunez Garcia hiding before the Spanish justice. He had to odsiedzenia penalty for attempting to smuggle 2.6 tons of cocaine and 70 kg of hashish.

The cocaine alone was estimated at 86 million euros,” – wrote the diary published in Porto. Portuguese court has ordered the detention Nunez Garcia, among others, on charges of use of false documents. Mafia boss, who is in prison in Porto, in the coming days will be handed over to the Spanish justice. From Lisbon Martin Clogs (PAP) Tusk took part on Saturday in the closing ceremony of the European Capital of Culture in Wroclaw. As he spoke, he prepared himself for this occasion a speech on culture. Not for the first time in the history plays tricks on me and I need to change the instance of obvious reasons – said b. Prime Minister. See also: Krakow: Demonstration against the denunciation of the Convention antyprzemocowej »” Who today challenges the European model of democracy, violating the constitution and decency, exposing us all to strategic risks.

Rejecting the spirit of freedom and community writes the next act of the drama Polish loneliness. We this art we know from history too well “- said Tusk.zobacz also: Foreign media about Poland: the largest parliamentary crisis for years'” After yesterday’s events in parliament and on the streets of Warsaw with a personal memory of what they mean december in our history, I appeal to those who exercise real authority in our country with respect to the people, to the constitutional principles and values, established procedures and good manners “- zaznaczył.zobacz also opposition movement” for Freedom “solidarity with Belsat» He thanked all those who are ready to take up the European standards of democracy in Poland. “You are still the best guardians of the Polish reputation in Europe and the world” – said Tusk. The diplomat reminded that Ukrainians took to the Independence Maidan with flags of their country and the European Union and password integration with the West. “Today, under the same flags we continue our struggle. Many in Europe adopts its Europeanism and their homeland as something given forever. We paid for a crazy price your choice: life the best of the best “- Klimkin wrote on Facebook. “That is why the pro-European slogans should win in a fight with Russian aggression and the integrated, democratic and European Ukraine.

There’s no time for nostalgia and revolutionary memories. We wrote them after the final victory, “- said the Minister. The celebration of the fifth anniversary of revolution on Maidan were modest. President Petro Poroshenko and his wife laid flowers at the Avenue of Heavenly Hundreds pay for the research paper, paying tribute to those who died there in February 2014. Before the monument was also the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. “Five years ago, Ukrainians went to the peaceful protest on Independence Maidan in Kiev to defend its values ​​and freedom. Then came the hard months of fighting, violent intervention and killings of civilians.

Ukrainians won, paying a high price, “- wrote on Twitter. Maidan protests began on 21 November 2013. After the government’s decision then Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and President Viktor Yanukovych to suspend preparations for the signing of an association agreement with the European Union. On the night of 21 on November 22 to protest against the decision about 2 thousand. people. On Sunday, November 24 march in support of European integration through the streets of Kiev has already passed 100 thousand. people.

The protests intensified in December and lasted into January and February 2014. As a result of street fights between demonstrators and police killed more than 100 people. In late February, Yanukovych was overthrown and fled the country still hiding in Russia. Yanukovych is currently on trial in Ukraine for treason. The process takes place without his participation. From Kiev Yaroslav Junko (PAP) If the organization does not reformed, the United States move out of its structures – said Trump.

Reuters stresses, however, that such a move could undermine one of the foundations of the modern global trading system, the creation of which the United States played a very big role. Trump in an interview with Bloomberg News complained that the United States are treated unfairly in the global trade and blamed the WTO for admission to this. He also warned that it could take action against the WTO, although it did not specify in what form would it take place. A similar opinion was expressed American president in early July. Then the White House told reporters: “WTO treats us very bad for many, many years and we are in a very unfavorable position. I do not know why we are there.

The WTO is designed for the rest of the world to roll over the United States.” WTO was established in 1994. Its main task is the liberalization of international trade in goods and services, investment policies that support trade, settlement of disputes regarding trade and respect for intellectual property rights. (PAP) Also acknowledges that the pay radio-television license, because “while there is a legal obligation, no way.” Also stresses that the priority for his government is to fight unemployment młodych.Premier assured that ZUS is not broke, and the reform of the pension system will give pension funds more stability. He said that the money from pension contributions accumulated in the pension funds’ have never been the property of the citizens. Therefore, there is no question of expropriation. “PrzemekWos74 @ Hello. ZUS is not broke. A reform of the pension funds will be greater stability of the system. – Donald Tusk (@premiertusk) December 30, 2013Donald Tusk started via Twitter answering questions dormitories. Among the questions waiting for answers are on pension funds, health, but also less serious as those of the satirical Faktoidu “Prime Minister, what about the promised subsidies the EU to breeding deer (age differently)?”.

According to the Prime Minister, two of the greatest successes of the past year is a reconciliation of the amount European funds for the Polish and the annual parental leave. On the other hand, failure is high unemployment and queue to physicians. Donald Tusk answers questions through the service Twitter.Pytany once again about his political future and the opportunity to address the chair head of the European Commission, assured that “is not going anywhere.” He admitted that the elections to the European Parliament can emerge very anti-European part of the body. “But it also depends on Polish voters” – he added. Prime Minister also stated that it does not believe that after the next elections, Civic Platform would require a change coalition. For questioning about the color of dresses for New Year’s Eve he came to his daughter, who runs a blog about fashion.

The new government spokesman will appear in January. Also at the beginning of the year, the Prime Minister will present the plan announced specifics for Polish. Donald Tusk said this when answering questions users Twitter.Zapowiedział also said that the government will take care of the situation of carers of people with disabilities and seniors issues. He declared that 2017 comes to professionalization carers of children with disabilities and provide them the minimum wage. “The only barrier Money” – zaznaczył.Premier also admitted that not everything he likes in his party, but “just as at home in the party still have to clean it.” When asked whether he sees Grzegorz Schetyna in the European Parliament stated that “Parliament Speaker alone can take care of myself. I think it makes him upset such questions” .Pisał also that the call for a boycott of the referendum on recalling the mayor of Warsaw was not something pleasant but “effective opposition to the political quarrels.” According to the Prime Minister, two of the greatest successes of the past year is a reconciliation of the amount of European funds for the Polish and the annual parental leave.

On the other hand, failure is high unemployment and the queues for lekarzy.Źródło Twitter, IAR Fifteen people supporting the regime of (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – PAP) were killed by rocket fire, including eight members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – said the director of the Observatory, Rami Abdel Rahman. Earlier Observatory stated that as a result of the attack killed at least nine militants groups supporting the Assad regime. The aim of the attack was the weapons and rocket launchers in the vicinity of the town of Kiswa, south of Damascus, belonging to the Revolutionary Guards or to proirańskiej Shiite militia – says the Observatory. Israel in accordance with past practice, refused to confirm or deny this information. He said, however, that his forces on the Golan Heights are in the highest state of combat readiness since noticed a “dangerous Iranian activity” in Syria.

Reuters reminds that the recent Israeli attacks on targets in Syria have become more frequent as a result of the unprecedented increase tensions between Israel and Iran.