How exactly to link two monitors to your Chromebox having a double display setup

How exactly to link two monitors to your Chromebox having a double display setup

I adore making use of my Chromebox once I should be effective. Don’t misunderstand me, I like my Chromebook too but once it comes down to work that is serious do not think you’ll beat a Chromebox setup. Discover more about some great benefits of a Chromebox in comparison to a Chromebook.

I was using a Chromebook when I first started Chrome Computing just over a year ago. It absolutely was fine but We quickly realised i possibly could become more effective having a desktop computer setup. We bought an Asus Chromebox 3 and linked it to my current 27-inch display. My productivity increased, which i believe is a complete lot related to your mind-set. Determine if a Chromebox suits you.

Not long ago I chose to create an extra Chromebox setup in my own family area, therefore thought it absolutely was the most wonderful chance to try using a display setup that is dual. We knew this could enhance my efficiency much more.


First thing you may need is a Chromebox that supports twin display. Not totally all Chromebox computer systems do, you check with your manufacturer so it’s important. You will need a USB Type-C port that supports DisplayPort.

You will find other ways you can easily attain a dual-display setup and this hinges on the Computer monitors you decide on. The setup in this article describes how exactly to attain it monitors that are using an HDMI connection.

To produce a dual-display setup you will require the immediate following:

The Asus Chromebox 3 is sold with one HDMI slot to get in touch a display to your personal computer. You link the display that is first normal utilizing certainly one of the HDMI leads.

The monitor that is second linked through the USB Type-C connection, which must help ‘DisplayPort’. The Asus Chromebox 3 supports DisplayPort, helping to make linking a display that is second. Many monitors only have an HDMI connection and never a Type C. to solve this you may need the USB C to HDMI adapter, that may permit you to put in a further display to your Chromebox. I have detailed two adapters below from Amazon for both British and United States Of America visitors.

Link the 2nd HDMI resulted in 2nd monitor as normal. After this you link one other end of this HDMI lead to the HDMI socket in the adapter. You ought to then be kept with a USB Type-C in the other end of this adapter, that you simply place in to the USB C DisplayPort on the Chromebox. That’s it!


As soon as you’ve added both monitors to your Chromebox you are going to wish to adjust the display settings for each monitor. For this visit your settings menu. Settings>Device>Displays.

There are many various settings available but we are going to take a good look at the 2 you will be many thinking about in the beginning.


You are going to notice above there is certainly a tick package with ‘Mirror HP 24f’ close to it. The ‘HP 24f’ could be the name for the monitor, if you’re using different monitors to what I’ve used so it will differ. The mirror choice, whenever ticked, merely means whatever has been seen on a single monitor shall be observed on the other love chemistry test side.

I am certain there are numerous main reasons why you might want to do that, but the majority of us include a additional display to be able to possess various windows showing for each monitor. To achieve this you just keep the mirror choice unticked. This can then enable you to have various windows showing for each monitor.

Two shows with all the mirror choice unticked


This really is an essential choice given that it enables you to let Chrome OS understand how you’ve got your monitors placed. Many people elect to have their monitors hand and hand, many might wish to have one monitor in addition to the other.

It is impossible for Chrome OS to understand the manner in which you have actually positioned your shows, which means you want to adjust the arrangement settings.

Above you can view two monitors hand and hand. Then this may appear set up correctly if you have your displays side-by-side. If they’re put up properly the mouse cursor should go up to the next monitor in a normal way. Going through the monitor that is right the left should just suggest moving your mouse cursor into the left.

If this will not take place, decide to try going your mouse cursor to the edge that is opposite of monitor. You really need to then look at mouse cursor move on the 2nd display. If this does take place, you will need to drag one of many shows to swap here place. As soon as you’ve done this your mouse cursor should obviously go in one display to another.


Having a Dual-Display is really a benefit that is great of OS and also the Chromebox computer. You simply must ensure the Chromebox you’ve got aids DisplayPort. Then i would definitely recommend the Asus Chromebox 3. Why the Asus Chromebox 3 is the best Chromebox if you’ve not yet bought a Chromebox.

As soon as you’ve utilized two shows you will find it difficult to move back again to a computer with one display. It will make tasks that are daily easier and it is well suited for anybody who has to utilize one or more application at the same time.