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Pronunciation /ɪnˈsɛstjʊəs/

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1 Involving or accountable of incest.

  • ‘Rather, it only provides the typical bans on bigamous or incestuous wedding.’
  • ‘The concern in this appeal is whether you will find various policy goals animating the breach of a moms and dad’s fiduciary duty in comparison with incestuous intimate attack.’
  • ‘Cousin marriages between two grownups aren’t, needless to say, incestuous in this feeling.’
  • ‘That team includes affines, in relation to the idea that is theological since wife and husband had been one, wedding to a sister-in-law had been because incestuous as wedding to a cousin.’
  • ‘He claimed that the wedding had been incestuous and unlawful, as Catherine have been hitched to their brother that is dead.’
  • ‘Despite all of that solicitude for the privacy of would-be partners, the prohibition on incestuous marriages appears.’
  • ‘Holding available the outlook of incestuous wedding would devastate household life by, efficiently, legitimizing predation that is sexual it.’
  • ‘The name regarding the movie relates to a clause in international legislation forbidding incestuous intimate relations.’
  • ‘How did those incestuous functions and their interpretation function in relationship to many other http://www.datingranking.net/mennonite-dating/ ideas in regards to the household, sex, sex, additionally the social purchase?’
  • ‘As the feminists saw it, bringing rape that is incestuous regarding the cabinet would finally vindicate the reality of females’s experience.’
  • ‘But can it be not the case that the kid conceived due to a rape or incestuous connection is additionally a target?’
  • ‘After a mobilization that is major rape, it switched its focus on the physical violence of incestuous familial relations.’
  • ‘The incestuous wedding between Oedipus and Jocasta, an effective symbiotic union, had proceeded for seventeen years once the play Oedipus Rex starts.’
  • ‘Psychotherapists’ views, techniques, and experiences with recovery of memories of incestuous abuse.’
  • ‘In a few instances of incestuous punishment, the results of breach of trust had been extended to your family members device itself.’
  • ‘They additionally involved on their own in incestuous marriages in a like types of the Pharaohs.’
  • ‘Stead portrays the connection between Katherine and Leslie as incestuous.’
  • ‘Wotan’s lawful spouse, Fricka, forbids this – she’s outraged by disobedience to appropriate wedding vows and she demands the loss of the incestuous twins.’
  • ‘Later we now have his seduction that is incestuous by half-sister Morgan Le Fay, additionally the love triangle among Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere.’
  • ‘A sledgehammer leans contrary to the wall surface behind him; Gillespie’s ominous drawing for the incestuous mom and son hangs from the opposing wall surface.’

2 (of peoples relations) excessively near and resistant to outside impact.

  • ‘Yet the paper of record is chasing an editor whom edits a magazine that is, by its really nature, in an relationship that is incestuous the film company although the other story lays there.’
  • ‘As an aside, this incestuous relationship between the trip and Sky additionally resulted in the reprehensible purchase regarding the Ryder Cup to a satellite channel to which just a small % regarding the nation’s golfers subscribe.’
  • ‘The First Minister’s downfall has resulted in the lid being lifted regarding the relationships that are incestuous Labour politicians, activists, personal organizations in addition to state.’
  • ‘The deal is interesting as a result of the complex and relationship that is somewhat incestuous Caldera, SCO, Microsoft, Citrix, and Novell.’
  • ‘I have actually mentioned the incestuous relationships between automobile manufacturers all over the world, together with Suzuki-Nissan is typical of what exactly is taking place.’
  • ‘Over here, they do say, gigantic uncompetitive cartels have actually an relationship that is incestuous federal government, ultimately causing corruption at all amounts.’
  • ‘These incestuous relationships between industry together with U.S. federal government would be the norm instead of the exclusion.’
  • ‘The incestuous relationships between regulators additionally the companies they truly are likely to manage have already been exposed.’
  • ‘right here, the relationship that is incestuous high general public workplace and big company is therefore apparent so it discredits formal politics.’
  • ‘They are incredibly freakish that no body within their right head would ever keep company with them away from their small group that is incestuous anyhow.’
  • ‘Not that the integrity of this separate directors are at problem within the Smurfit instance but quite simply the incestuous nature associated with areas which has a tendency to favour the major money.’
  • ‘Given the nature that is incestuous of, the majority of the top campaign staffers understand one another from previous promotions.’
  • ‘A little tight knit audience, nearly incestuous with its relationships, providing increase to complex circumstances which appear to skitter out of hand.’
  • ‘The Canberra press gallery has too incestuous a relationship with politicians.’
  • ‘The relationship between major corporations as well as the federal government is not incestuous, since the politicians are pawns, maybe not bedfellows.’
  • ‘One detects within their commentary an email of annoyance that the relations that are incestuous business passions and federal government have actually emerged therefore freely.’
  • ‘But the metal company is exactly what could be termed incestuous and it’s alson’t uncommon for just one regarding the ‘majors’ in order to make metal for another.’
  • ‘And, as with any incestuous governmental companies, at times the effectiveness of the mob falls in to the fingers of less-than-capable leaders.’
  • ‘Not in a legal sense demonstrably, however it is hard to not treat this incestuous relationship between celebration and state as somehow poor.’
  • ‘The incestuous relationship amongst the BBC in addition to national is a disgrace.’


Early sixteenth century from belated Latin incestuosus, from Latin incestus (see incest).