RACHEL MADDOW, HOST: Good night, Ed, thank you, my buddy, amazing broadcast from the heart with this.

RACHEL MADDOW, HOST: Good night, Ed, thank you, my buddy, amazing broadcast from the heart with this.

As a result of you in the home too for sticking with us for the next hour.

Fine. Online, if you are on line, you can never truly make sure someone is whom they say they truly are, right? When you`re on line, say when you`re on Twitter or something like that, it could be pretty an easy task to simply grab someone else`s title and kind away as if perhaps you were somebody who you’re not.

For some time, individuals attempted to fix this dilemma online by simply insisting they said they were that they were who. You may possibly keep in mind the baseball player Shaquille O`Neal as he ended up being among the celebrity that is early of twitter, in which he picked as his Twitter name the true Shaq. You can stick to the Genuine Shaq. Of course you`re lucky, you could end up receiving free seats from him at the shopping mall if he tweeted, if you were the first ever to continue the shopping mall and locate him.

Perhaps you couldn`t think it in the beginning, but the Shaq that is real on had been, in reality, the actual Shaq, IRL, in actual life.

Shaquille O`Neal has since switched to simply being Shaq that is plain on. I believe that perhaps yourself the real something, it turns out that now just saying you`re the real you doesn`t necessarily prove anything anymore because it used to work to call.

Start thinking about, for example, the true Romney. That`s another Twitter account that`s reside now. Also though it offers Mitt Romney`s picture onto it and Mitt Romney`s title and it also claims the actual Romney, the true Romney just isn’t genuine.

The assumed Republican nominee is certainly not, as an example, tweeting about whom allow dogs away. This really is satire. The laugh depends because it says, I`m real, I`m real, when it`s plainly not real on you being smart enough to catch on, and it`s funnier.

Therefore, when anyone state they’re the authentic one thing online now, whenever individuals call themselves genuine online now, are we during the point where that may be a traditional assertion or perhaps is it always bull crap now, can it be constantly ironic?

It`s essential in practical terms sometimes. For instance, to cover a current governmental story, a few manufacturers my company with this television show invest good section of on a daily basis trying to puzzle out exactly how genuine this YouTube account ended up being. Rebecca for genuine, it`s called. It states genuine for the reason that it`s Rebecca the real deal, but it`s additionally types of unbelievable.


REBECCA KLEEFISCH (R), WISCONSIN LT. GOVERNOR: Hi to listeners. Rebecca Kleefisch right here. I`m into the warming that is global poisoning the planet with my breathing. No, it doesn`t stink, we brushed. I`m maybe not speaking about that. I`m speaking about the proven fact that the EPA claims the things I breathe away is poison towards the globe.

I became to my method house when I saw those two turkeys fighting for genuine. You have his entire face stuck down the other`s throat like he had been wanting to eat the life span away from him. It reminded me associated with national federal federal government attempting to swallow every buck it could.

But then I was thinking possibly the fighting turkeys were similar to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, at chances over whether or not to offer taxation breaks to organizations that creates new jobs. That`s someone to fight over.

MADDOW: So it works out that YouTube account. It will be the YouTube for Wisconsin`s lieutenant that is real, international warming doubter, turkey battle lover and Republican TV anchor who once contrasted exact same intercourse marriage to marrying a dining dining table, a clock and your dog. Serially? perhaps Not i really don`t think polygamous. I think you reach marry the dining dining table, then you obtain divorced, then you marry the clock, then you can get divorced, then you marry your dog.